Service delivery manual for cultural mentoring

What can you find in here? 

This manual aims to create a stronger awareness around mentoring as a learning process that can be linked to the world of arts and culture to fully unlock people’s potential. Organisations interested in testing mentoring with their staff, stakeholders or beneficiaries will find here ideas, steps and examples to launch a mentoring programme with a cultural and creative nurturing component!

Download the materials for free and get to know the step-by-step on how to do a service delivery on cultural mentoring. 

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  • 1. What is mentoring?
  • 2. Cultural mentoring: a two-way match
  • 3. How to design a mentoring program
  • 4. How to select and engage participants
  • 5. How to conect mentors and mentees
  • 6. How to manage the mentoring process
  • 7. How to measure success

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